Who is Anne Elisabeth Hagen The Lorenskog Disappearance

Who is Anne Elisabeth Hagen The Lorenskog Disappearance

Who is Anne Elisabeth Hagen The Lorenskog Disappearance

The fictionalized criminal drama series The Lrenskog Disappearance centers on the case of Anne Elisabeth Hagen’s kidnapping from the premises of her own house. According to the limited series’ official synopsis, “When a billionaire’s wife disappears, Norwegian police must contend with the irrational press and dishonest informants to discover the truth. based on actual occurrences

The film is directed by Gjyljeta Berisha and Erik Skjoldbjaerg and was co-written by Nikolaj Frobenius and Stephen Uhlander. A total of 5 episodes total 52 minutes in length. Yngvild Sten Grotmol, Henrik Rafaelsen, Christian Rubeck, Victoria Ose, Kidane Gjlme Dalva, Terje Strmdahl, Hermann Sabado, Glenn André Kaada, Roar Kjlv Jenssen, Kjersti Dalseide, and Helene Bjrneby are all featured in this film.

Who is Anne Elisabeth Hagen The Lorenskog Disappearance

Anne Elisabeth Hagen: Who is She? Who kidnapped her?

Tom Hagen, a multimillionaire businessman in real estate and energy, is married to Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, a 69-year-old woman. She vanished from their Lorenskog, east of Oslo, home on October 31, 2018, and hasn’t been seen since. Tom Hagen discovered a threatening note on a chair in the corridor when he returned from work.

The message claimed that Anne Hagen had been kidnapped and that her release would depend on the family sending the kidnappers 9 million euros as ransom via Monero (cryptocurrency). After discovering the note, he called the police and explained the situation. He then made many attempts to reach his wife, but when she didn’t answer, he went home to discover that she wasn’t there.

The kidnapper reportedly threatened to kill Anne if the case was revealed to the police or the media in the letter. The police attempted to operate covertly because Anne’s life was under risk. The only indication of a battle was in the hallway, where Anne may have attempted to flee, but there was no proof of forced entrance into the house.

There was little to no proof to find even after ten weeks of inquiry, attempts to get in touch with the kidnappers using bitcoin, and use of it to track down where they were. They had no choice but to finally go public and involve the media as a result. As soon as the information was made available, true crime fans started to make ideas, predictions, and rumours out of it.

The inquiry discovered that the kidnapping letter was written in fluent Norwegian by someone attempting to pass it off as written by a foreigner. However, it provided no hints; the bitcoin account was linked to a 30-year-old guy by the name of Ole Henrik Golf, but he was unaware that his identity had been purchased on the dark web.

Tom Hagen and his friendship with Anne came under scrutiny as no other suspects appeared to have been located. A pre-nuptial agreement from 1987 that the police also uncovered reveals that Anne Hagen was only entitled to 15,000 euros of her husband’s 156 million euros in wealth, along with a piece of land and a Citroen car, in the event of their divorce.

Additionally, they discovered that Anne was researching divorce online and might not be happy in her marriage. However, according to lawyers, the prenuptial agreement may not have held up in court because it was so unfairly skewed that it might have been torn apart.

In the final episode of the series, it was demonstrated that police informants emerged from hiding with allegations against Anne-husband Elisabeth’s that he had connections to prostitution rings, drug cartels, and international gangs. On the basis of other evidence, the police detained Tom on the suspicion that he may have recruited a member of the Kirap family gang to carry out the kidnapping.

In April 2020, Tom Hagen was detained, but he was freed 11 days later and hasn’t been charged with any offences. Even after divorce papers signed by Anne were discovered in the home, he still maintains his innocence and insists that he and his wife are having a good marriage.

Even though Anne-Elisabeth Hagen has been missing for almost four years, the case is still open, and the investigation is still going on. Although Tom has been heavily accused in this case by the media and authorities, no conclusive evidence or information on Anne’s whereabouts, whether she is alive or dead, has been discovered.