San Diego Zoo vs Safari Park

Which is better to visit, San Diego Zoo or Safari Park?

They’re each worth it. But the Zoo’s a better deal because parking’s free.

Safari Park is much larger than the San Diego Zoo.

the area accessible to the walking public in Safari Park is only about 20% larger than the Zoo.

Ticket prices at the gate for both San Diego Zoo and Safari Park are equal.

The major difference between the two is that parking is free at the Zoo.

San Diego Safari Park has a larger variety and number of tours than the Zoo.

There are 7 types of paid tours, called Safaris, available at San Diego Safari Park.

Exploring San Diego Zoo is quicker than Safari Park

The San Diego Zoo is much closer to downtown than Safari Park.

San Diego Zoo (green) vs Safari Park (orange) where their animals are found

The Safari Park is less demanding physically

San Diego Zoo has better food because of Albert’s Restaurant.

San Diego Zoo’s better if you’ve got toddlers.