Former Pro Bowler Phillip Lindsay seeking role in crowded Colts backfield

A few more yards were jogged by him before slowing down.

At the Colts and Lions joint practise, there were very few actual tackles, so it's impossible to say how the game would have gone.

The fifth-year running back, however, briefly displayed the speed and dexterity that helped him become a two-time 1,000-yard rusher with the Broncos

He is the Colts' most seasoned running back option after a forgettable 2021 split between Miami 

and Houston, where his 2.8 yards per carry were by far the lowest of his career.

He is attempting to establish himself as the No. 3 behind Jonathan Taylor 

and Nyheim Hines while also being aware that he still has the ability to play at a Pro Bowl level.

he Said:- When JT and Nyheim are out there performing their duties, Lindsay remarked, "For me, it's like having me come in and be ready to blow out at any moment."

"For me, I am aware that I can break for a big touchdown at any time. I've always done things that way.

 I believe that by adding another element, I can support JT and Nyheim during this lengthy season.

Lindsay's role with the Texans was confined and precise: receive the ball, run between the tackles, gain a few yards, and repeat. 

Due to the Colts' scheme and the presence of several seasoned running backs, he has more work to do right now.

Hines, who caught 40 catches for 310 yards in 2021, has taught him how to run routes.