A "heat-seeking missile" In the NFL Top 100 players, Budda Baker is ranked 67th.

Budda Baker is a superb safety, as recognised by the Arizona Cardinals and their supporters.

 It appears the rest of the league is aware as well, based on the Pro Bowl and All-Pro picks, even though some more analytical sites fail to acknowledge his influence on games.

His ranking at No. 67 of the NFL Top 100 players, which players vote on each year, reflects the respect he enjoys from his fellow players.

In the video reveal, Chandler Jones, a former teammate who is currently a member of the Las Vegas Raiders, referred to him as "a heat-seeking rocket."

"On the tape, all that is seen is the work he puts out there. Never does he skip a play. He just seems to be around football all the time. With his hands, he works well.

“He’s a really smart football player. He’s always in the right place in the right time. Budda is one of my favorite players in the league.”

"The Budda rule applies here. Destroy Budda, please. Budda will be flying from wherever he is on the pitch and will be circling the ball, so someone needs to make sure you block him wherever he is.

He truly attacks things at full throttle. He simply makes great tackles. He has taken individuals down from the top, in my observation. 

He removed the legs, as I witnessed. a refined carelessness. On Sundays, he has it under control, and this year he's using it to generate picks.