Derwin James is returning to practice after signing the new contract

Derwin James, a safety with the Chargers, says he always thought he and the team would reach an agreement.

James recently signed the new contract he had been pursuing.

 James declared, "There was never any question in my mind.

James stated he found it difficult to see his teammates on the field from the sidelines since he had opted not to practise until the Chargers gave him the money.

James answered, "Hell yeah, that was really difficult. "Everyone is aware of how much I adore football and how eager I am to be here.

Just difficult. I was only taking each day as it came. Controlling what I can control, like I said.

 I had the courage to come out here every day and make efforts to improve myself even though I knew it would eventually happen.

James will gradually pick up speed over the course of a few days before reaching maximum speed 

and taking part in a full practise, but he'll be prepared in plenty of time for Week One.