Biden will sign a significant health, environment, and tax bill at a White House event on Tuesday.

Less than three months before the midterm elections, President Joe Biden plans to sign the Democrats' expansive climate, health, and tax measure into law at the White House on Tuesday.

The Inflation Reduction Act will be signed by Biden at a ceremony in the State Dining Room of the White House, according to a Monday announcement from the White House.

Given that Congress is not in session and that most of the lawmakers who contributed to the bill's passing are currently out of town, the ceremony will probably be smaller than usual.

The White House also announced that Biden will travel around the country to promote the new law and will attend a Cabinet meeting centred on its implementation "in the coming weeks."

For the measure, which aims to reduce the cost of prescription pharmaceuticals and health insurance, invest in renewable energy and stop climate change, boost taxes on the wealthy, and reduce the deficit, the Biden administration has planned a cross-country rollout campaign.

According to the White House, Cabinet officials will visit 23 states on more than 35 trips from this week through the end of August to promote the "Inflation Reduction Act."

The administration also intends to engage with members of Congress to hold hundreds of events, as well as to disseminate information about the effects of the legislation online and on social media.