About Korean Drama Vagabond

  • Season: Vagabond
  • No. of Seasons: Season 2
  • No. of Episode: 16 (season 1)
  • Writer: Jang Young-chul
  • Director: Yoo In-sik
  • Genre: Action, Mystery, Thriller
  • Cast: Lee Seung-gi, Bae Suzy, Shin Sung-rok
  • Production: Celltrion Entertainment
  • Producer(S): Myoungwoo Lee
  • Country of Origin: South Korea
  • Origin Language: Korean
  • Available languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, English
  • Next Episode to be Aired On: TBA
  • Release Date: Not Yet Confirmed
  • Available On: Netflix

Fans of the Korean drama Vagabond are eagerly anticipating Vagabond Season 2 with the return of stars Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy after the series’ conclusion aired on SBS TV on November 23, 2019.

One of the most well-liked South Korean murder thriller series, Vagabond, has a sizable international fan base. Following its debut on television, the drama was made available on Netflix in South Korea and other countries.

According to an insider, there is a chance of returning to the show even though the majority of K-dramas are not renewed for a second season and the writers attempt to wrap up the tale in one, according to Uniforumtz.

There aren’t any comments from the creators, though. The question of whether Vagabond Season 2 will air now arises.

Many viewers think that Vagabond Season 2 is necessary because there are still many unresolved issues. Even that Season 2 will identify every person responsible for the plane catastrophe was predicted. The affectionate bond between GoHae-ri and Cha Dal-gun is clearly apparent.

The majority of South Korean television shows only have one season since the writers want to finish the tale in that time. Vagabond, however, stands apart since its plot is unfinished at the end of season one.

The K-drama Vagabond Season 2 has not yet been revealed, but a production insider claims that it may do so. This was previously reported by numerous media outlets.

In fact, there are rumours that Vagabond Season 2 has already started filming in secret, but this is unconfirmed.




Vagabond Season 2

Hoon travelled to Morocco for vacation. He uses his cell phone to send his uncle a video message right before the plane is set to take off.

While seeing a broadcast about the same plane crash that Cha Hoon had boarded, Cha Hoon’s uncle is concerned about his nephew. An inquiry determined that the B357 plane crash was caused by an intentional attack.

Go Hae-RI and a member of the National Intelligence Service both offered their assistance. The depth of their love for one another increases as the investigation goes on. Despite this, the series has not been able to identify the person or people who caused the plane catastrophe.

There’s a chance the real story will come out in season two of Vagabond. It’s possible that Go Hae-RI and Cha Dal-gun will experience romantic affections for one another in the future.

If Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy return to reprise their roles, it’s possible that the remaining stories will come to a close.

At the end of an episode of an American television drama, viewers frequently find themselves asking, “Huh?” and scratching their heads. In the end, he said, the story cannot just finish without a second season. The story cannot end there without a second season.
Lee Seung-gi spoke with Alkpop after the filming for Vagabond came to an end. According to me, the likelihood of a second season depends on both how many people watch the show overall and how profitable it is. I would like to participate in the second season.

Latest News On Vagabond Season 2

According to Lee Seung-gi, who plays Cha Dal-gun in the hit television series Vagabond, there are many of fresh tales to be told. He therefore hopes that Vagabond will have a second season. Lee Seung-gi stated to Alkpop after the season finale that a second season was “very necessary” in order for the plot to be resolved.

Many American dramas will leave you baffled and asking, “Huh?” at the conclusion. Because of waning interest and a lack of funding, Season 2 might not be produced. Yes, I would like to take part in the second season if the chance arises.

These insiders claim that Vagabond’s second season is already in production somewhere that hasn’t been revealed.

The public is interested in finding out who was responsible for the plane catastrophe that killed Cha Dal-nephew and gun Cha Hoon (Moon Woo-jin). Apart from that, will there be a love relationship between Cha Dal-gun and Go Hae-Ri?

At the conclusion of the movie Vagabond, Cha Hoon travels to Morocco. Just before he gets on the plane, he sends his paternal uncle a video message. On the other hand, Dal-gun is enthralled by a story on the plane tragedy that claimed the life of Cha Hoon.

After an investigation, it was discovered that the B357 plane crash was not an accident but rather a deliberate act. An undercover agent from the National Intelligence Service lends help to Cha Dal-gun. As the investigation goes on, they fall more and more in love with one another.


Vagabond Season 2 Release Date 2022

In fact, there are rumours that Vagabond Season 2 has already started filming in secret, but this is unconfirmed.

Given that the COVID-19 epidemic is still having an impact on practically all entertainment businesses worldwide, it would appear that Netflix would need additional time to develop Vagabond Season 2. It makes sense why Netflix’s projects have all been moving slowly.

Vagabond Season 2’s release date is extremely difficult to predict because it hasn’t been formally renewed yet. We’ll be sure to let you know if we learn anything new about the K-drama! Stay tuned until then!


Profitability & Merchandise of Vagabond

More than 15,000 copies have been sold so far. About 15 to 20 percent of a Korean series’ earnings comes from DVD/Blu-Ray disc sales. This may sound unprofitable and contributed to the failure of numerous animes.

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Vagabond Season 2 Plot

Season 2 of Vagabond will explain why the plane crashed if it gets renewed. As the previous season came to a close, Cha Dal-gun confessed his love for Go Hae-ri. In the upcoming season, their romance may be explored further.

When the first season came to a close, many weren’t happy. As a result, we anticipate that the second will satisfy all the criteria. We also anticipate that the plane crash will have an intriguing cause.


Vagabond Season 2 Cast

From September 20 through November 23, 2019, 16 episodes of the K-drama, which is a comprehensive package of crime, excitement, action, suspense, romance, and adventure, were broadcast on SBS TV.

As a result of Netflix choosing the show and airing it globally, the series acquired popularity over time. It makes sense that viewers would want to watch Vagabond Season 2 with Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy as the leads.

We may agree that it was a good idea for the two series’ actors to return. If Netflix releases Season 2 of Vagabond, Lee Sung-Gi and Bae Suzy will undoubtedly return in their roles as Cha Dal-Gun and Go Hae-Ri.

  • Lee Seung- Gi as Cha Dal-gun
  • Yun-Shik back as Jung kook- Pyo
  • Moon Sung-Keun as Hong Soon-Jo
  • Bae Suzy as Go Hae-Ri
  • Shin sung-rok as Gi Tae-Woong


Vagabond Season 2 Rating

With 7.3K total votes, the first season of Vagabond has a staggering 8.3 out of 10 rating on IMDb. Since Season Two rumours first surfaced, popularity has increased by 112 points to 2,118 points.

The audience gave the show an overwhelmingly good Rotten Tomatoes review, giving it an 89 percent Tomatometer score.

The PG-13 maturity rating for the performance is also made known by Tomatometer. Soon after the release of the part’s trailer, the ratings for the upcoming season will begin to accumulate.


Vagabond Season 2 Rewiews

Instant popularity and favourable reviews from genre fans and reviewers accompanied the debut of Season One of Vagabond. The programme quickly became the most popular show among other Korean dramas.

The show not only attracted viewers on SBS TV, but also through a number of other streaming services like Netflix, which contributed greatly to its increasing popularity.

In the 2013 film Gu Family Book, Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy both gave standout performances that became fan favourites. The public can’t wait to see more of this amazing pair in the upcoming season.


Where To Watch Vagabond?

Netflix has this Vagabond Release Date television series. To view all of the earlier episodes, you must purchase a subscription. Nowadays, fans have the option to access any drama series through a variety of online platforms from anywhere and at any time thanks to the internet.

We must determine whether or not we can view this drama series in our nation because its availability on web platforms varies by location.


Vagabond Season 2 Trailer

Now that you know, you may accept that there won’t be a formal trailer for Vagabond Season 2. You will need to wait for a few more months because the show hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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