TOP Netflix Movies of Australia

TOP List of Netflix Movies of Australia

You feel like watching a movie. You prepare some popcorn for yourself. You switch on the TV. You begin browsing the Netflix film selection. You’ve run out of popcorn and still don’t know what to watch after twenty minutes, dammit! You head to Google and type “best Netflix movies” into the search bar. You discover this helpful You sigh in satisfaction. The world is once more in harmony.

1. The Gray Man (2022)

With an all-star cast like this, there’s no wonder this is one of the best movies on Netflix right now. When the CIA’s most skilled operative (Ryan Gosling) accidentally uncovers dark agency secrets, a psychopathic former colleague (Chris Evans) puts a massive bounty on his head, which as you can imagine, sets off a global manhunt by international assassins. Fun, right? While not all of the reviews have been positive, The Gray Man is a bit of a light-hearted action-adventure that perfectly fills in your time. Gosling’s performance is stilted, but Evans is a master as the unhinged assassin hellbent on revenge. Nothing outstanding, but this Netflix film is still worth a shot.

2. Hustle (2022)

New Netflix movies are ideal.

In this drama/comedy hybrid, comedy legend Adam Sandler is back as basketball scout Stanley Sugerman. In an effort to sign this outstanding street baller to the NBA, Sandler discovers a new talent with a troubled past on the streets of Spain. Hustle has a lot of great basketball cameos to look out for, from real players like Anthony Edwards and Trey Young to some practical streetball trash-talk sequences that we loved. This is a real-life underdog story that will make you cry and laugh in the same moment. Even better, Bo Cruz, who actually exists, has just signed a contract with Toronto for the 2023 season, giving him a new lease on life.

3. Don’t Look Up (2021)

Don’t Look Up, comedy and disaster movie rolled into one, has an incredible all-star cast. 
DiCaprio and Lawrence, two amateur astronomers, go on massive media tour to alert people about an incoming comet that will destroy Earth. 
You can also imagine the chaos (and enmity) that will result with Meryl Streep playing the President who is genuinely unconcerned about this cosmic catastrophe. 
We adore Meryl’s casting, and even though Leo and Timothee Chalamet receive appallingly little screen time, Cate Blanchett completely steals the show as Brie Evantree. 
absolutely incredible

4. The Power of the Dog (2021)

One of the top Netflix movies for Western fans is The Power of the Dog, which was directed by Oscar-winning New Zealander Jane Campion. Phil Burbank, a charming rancher played by Benedict Cumberbatch, makes people around him feel both awe and fear. But when his brother (Plemons) brings home a new wife (Dunst) and her son, everything is suddenly different. Phil is determined torment his brother’s new family, but he may be caught off guard by the possibility of love.

5. The Adam Project (2021)

The Adam Project, a new sci-fi Netflix film, is a bit of lighthearted entertainment that relies on everyone’s favourite Ryan Reynolds. Even though it won’t drastically alter your life, we found this movie to be more than capable of keeping us entertained on a Saturday night. Alongside Reynolds, Zoe Saldana and Mark Ruffalo also appear in the film, which is directed once more by Shawn Levy of Free Guy. Fighter pilot Adam Reed travels through time to team up with his 12-year-old self in a mission to save the future, but the plot of The Adam Project is a little disjointed. Does it seem logical? Though not always, it’s still a lot of fun.