Shut Down MV Teaser: BLACKPINK

Shut Down MV Teaser: BLACKPINK

Blinks! It’s time to celebrate because BLACKPINK’s title single Shut Down from their upcoming album Born Pink’s teaser music video is out to proclaim how wonderful it is! We adore this teaser, which just makes us more eager for the hurricane they are about to unleash.

We are unable to help but shout at the classical music that is stirring up waves in our hearts since the female group released the teaser on September 14 on social media. The 23-second teaser is only a small preview of the cinematic experience for which we must get ready, which combines BLACKPINK and classical music.

The amazing teaser, which appears to be playing the lovely Paganini composition La Campanella, dropped this bomb just a few days before the release of their second full-length album, which has us more enthused than before. We are anxiously awaiting the album’s release and are certainly interested to see how this fusion of classical music and Kpop turns out.

As one of the fans writes, “THIS TEASER isn’t just a teaser, it’s an artistic reconstitution, the breeze you breathe, it’s a motive for existence, a departure from this atrocious cosmos, an embosom from a cherished one, it’s a moment for history books, a body of finest craftsmanship” the fans are already anticipating the upcoming music video.

“This teaser has cured my despair, cleansed my skin, filled my wallet with money, and fulfilled all my aspirations in just 0.01 nanoseconds,” the user wrote. I’m in my happiest and best state right now. I feel like I’ve accomplished my goals and am on cloud nine, writes another admirer who said it best.

The title is “shut down,” and they have all of their songs, including solos, pasted in here, another fan spotted from the preview.

Fans have posted numerous additional comments on social media to express their joy. We also can’t deny how much we’re going to like this record.

The Shut Down music video will debut on September 16, 2022, at 1 PM KST, the same day as Born Pink will be released.