Review of Overlord Season 4 Episode 12

Overlord Season 4 Episode 12 Review

Overlord Season 4 Episode 12 Review

All along, the actor was Pandora! We see Ainz face off against Riku Amageia in Overlord Season 4 Episode 12 thanks to the world’s most obvious twist. See what transpired in this review!

With the release of Overlord Season 4, the original, excellent MMO-based isekai show has returned for a fourth season. Studio Madhouse, which has produced all of the show’s prior seasons along with other immensely popular shows like Death Note, One Punch Man, and Sonny Boy, is once again behind the production of the new season. Other names for this new season include Overlord 4 and Overlord IV.

This episode’s director is Naoyuki Itou once more. Along with several other well-known shows like Chihayafuru and Kanon, he is credited with creating all of the original seasons of the latter two. The light novel by Kugane Maruyama and the illustrations by “so-bin” served as the inspiration for Overlord. Overlord 4 Episode 12 and Overlord IV Episode 12 are alternate names for this episode. To read the review of the season’s first episode, click here!

No spoilers are included in the review of Overlord 4 Episode 12.

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Oh, Pandora’s Actor, I’ve missed you so much. The fact that he does not appear on our screens as frequently as the other floor guardians does constitutes the biggest crime of the entire series. Only when Ainz needs Pandora’s actor’s shape-shifting abilities is he let out of his prison; otherwise, he is left to rot there. He’s a hilarious character who ought to appear more frequently on the show, but I can see how using him more frequently than necessary might irritate some viewers. The decision for Ainz to be ashamed of and for the sole floor guardian he made, however, was brilliant.

The reasons for this action make sense given the plot the show has been trying to portray this entire season, even though the Ainz in the previous episode was obviously a Pandora’s Actor. Ainz has been wary of other human players throughout the entire season, and his paranoia is largely to blame for the drastic measures he has taken to destroy the Empire and its people. Additionally, he relies heavily on the bloodthirsty Demiurge and Albedo and has no idea how politics actually function.

Speaking of the Empire, this was the episode in which Ainz’s entire plan was realised. Despite being unique from every other show that has featured it, the careful dissection of every aspect of Kingdom Warfare has been fantastic. You see, Overlord is a peaceful place. Since war implies that either side has a chance of winning, the situation is as far from war as it is possible to be. This is a massacre, and nobody who isn’t crucial to Ainz’s plans in some way won’t survive it.

As this episode so artfully demonstrated, all that is left is the Empire’s citizens’ despair. In order to illustrate how terrible this was for those with less power who were experiencing it, it made use of the resources it had built up over the course of its existence as well as the characters it had created. Whether it be the princess’s protector Climb, the last surviving member of the royal family, or the shockingly underutilized but indisputable cool Brain Umglauss. While some might argue that developing these characters for so long only to end them in this way was a bit of a waste, it does make for a very effective way to spread hopelessness.

This episode was passable, but at this point, one couldn’t help but wonder if the season was still worthwhile. Everything that has been built and accomplished this season seems to be too drawn out and overstated to have a satisfying conclusion. When the end result, the fall of the Empire, is the same as what it would have been without the political manoeuvring and planning, it seems like a non-issue. This has been a recurring criticism throughout the review series, but the season in question has been greatly exaggerated. We can only hope that the conclusion will somewhat make things right.

Verdict – Overlord Season 4 Episode 12 Review

It was a good episode of Overlord Season 4 Episode 12 with a lot of great moments and a few unneeded knots that were tied. The finale’s build-up has been inadequate.