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The spice of life is drama. Drama is enjoyed by all. Without it, life loses all flavour. And the cherished audience of cinema receives that. Let’s discuss Princess Agents as an example of one such theatrical programme. Based on the 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei novel by Xiao Xiang Dong Er, Princess Agents is a Chinese television series.

Princess Agents Season 2

Popular Chinese comedy “Princess Agents” was written by Xiao Jiang Doing Er and is primarily based on the book Chu Tegong Huang Fei. owing to the program’s popularity. On Chinese streaming websites, it attracted almost 40 million viewers, and IMDB gave it a 9.8 grade. Princess Agents’ first season was released three years ago, and fans are still anxiously awaiting news of season 2.

The TV version of The Princess Agent has 67 episodes and 58 chapters. Every chapter has a 45-minute break. Additionally, China is where the majority of the manufacturing is done. They always speak in Mandarian, using that language. Among networks, Hunan TV stands out.

The suspense in Princess Agent’s final episode leaves the plot incomplete, thus we might anticipate that it will continue in the upcoming season. According to the National Average Rating and the audience view share, the series receives a rating of 2.01% and 14.88%, respectively.

Additionally popular abroad is this series. After the series’ initial success and positive reviews, it was eventually criticised for a number of things, including production flaws including photoshop/green screen, an exclusively bright colour scheme, and the dubbing actors.


Where To Watch Princess Agents Season 2?

Princess Agents season 2 has been demanded by fans since since the first season of the popular Chinese drama came to an end. The Chinese drama’s renewal hasn’t been formally announced by the creators, yet.

Princess Agents’ second season will probably focus on the drama of retribution. Princess Agent’s first season ended on a cliffhanger, so without a second season, viewers won’t get to see their favourite characters or learn what happens next.

The entire first season of the television show “Princess Agents” is streamable on Rakuten Viki. This series is available on Rakuten Viki for free but with advertisements. The television series “Princess Agents” is also accessible in select regions via Amazon Prime Video.

The television programme “Princess Agents” has not received a season 2 renewal or cancellation. Princess Agents Season 2 will probably be accessible for streaming on the same OTT platforms as Princess Agents Season 1 when the Chinese television programme is renewed and launched.




Princess Agents Season 2 Release Date

Princess Agents 2’s release date is still unofficially unknown as of this writing. Due to the lack of an official declaration from the show’s creators, we are unsure if Princess Agents will return for a second season.

We can only assume that Princess Agents will most likely be renewed for season 2 by (end of 2022) based on its enormous ratings. So, I must say, if season two is actually confirmed, we may begin it from season one knowing that Yun Xin swore to have a vengeance also for his lost dear once. Taking all of this into consideration, we can claim that season 2 will be full of and suspense.

Therefore, it is likely that the next season will pick up where the last one left off. Yu Wen Yue keeps telling her to get out of the water and start living her life again, leaving us in suspense as to whether or not the Chu will survive. or does she help Yu Wen Yue?


Princess Agents Season 2 Cast

The cast for Princess Agents season 2 may remain the same or may change. For Season 2, the cast has expanded to include the following actors:

  • Lin Gengxin plays the role of Yuwen Yue.
  • Chu Qiao is portrayed by Zhao Liying.
  • Li QIn is Yuan Chun’s representative.
  • Shawn Dou is a human being. Chinese poet and author Yan Xun.
  • Xin Zhao Lin is the representative for Yue Qu.

Chu Qiao as Zhao Liying in Princess Agents Season 2

Chu Qiao, the main character, is portrayed by Zhao Liying. Chu Qiao is a slave girl who was abandoned in the forest and was later rescued by the Northern Yan princes.

Yuwen Yue as Lin Gengxin in Princess Agents Season 2

The main character of Yuwen Yue is portrayed by Lin Gengxin. One of the Northern Yan’s princes is Yuwen Yue. Chu Qiao ultimately teams up with Yuwen Yue to battle Northern Yan prince Yan Xun.

Yan Xun as Shawn Dou in Princess Agents Season 2

The main character of Yan Xun is portrayed by Shawn Dou. One of the Northern Yan princes and Chu Qiao’s friend is Yan Xun. The prince changes as the situation does. Chu Qiao leaves the prince after undergoing this metamorphosis and begins to battle him.

Yuan Chun as Li Qin in Princess Agents Season 2

The main character of Yuan Chun is portrayed by Li Qin. The princess of Western Wei is Yuan Chun. She was to be Yan Xun’s spouse. He, however, abandoned her on the wedding day. Later, she starts to hate Chu Qiao, which causes Yuan Chun to want to murder him.


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Plot of Princess Agents Season 2

Chu Qiao and a choice she made that altered the course of events were the centre of attention in the first season. She admits to having a love relationship with Yan Xun during a coaching session with Yuwen Yue.

Yan Xun was ready to extract revenge when Western Wei’s effort failed, so he started to doubt Qiao’s loyalty as soon as he could. It was subsequently discovered that it had damaged their close friendship and connection.

When Yan Xun attacked, Qiao made the decision to work with his friend Yuwen Yue in order to stop the latter’s plans for retaliation. Despite this, the exhibit finished with Yuwen Yue drowning in the icy, bloodless lake, leaving the viewer with a huge cliffhanger.

If Princess Agents gets a second season, it will pick up where the first one left off and go from there. Slavery is still being planned at the time Princess Agents takes place in its historical context.

In the following season, Yun-Shin vowed to get revenge on himself for his defeat after the terrible behaviour of the previous season. Later in the season, Yu Wen Yu decides to visit Chu Yu after noticing Yu Wen Yu.

They had both been screaming in the water for a while. He was being pulled out of the water by Yu Wen Yu in the past. Will he decide to live on his own or continue to live with Yu When Yu?


Princess Agents Storyline

The writers of the Chinese drama series “Princess Agents” are Jia Wen, Yang Tao, and Chen Lan. The novel 11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei by Xiao Xiang Dong Er served as the inspiration for this television series.

The series centres on Chu Qiao, a slave girl who was abandoned in a forest with other helpless individuals. The Northern Yan Princes then intervene to save the slave girl. The two Northen Yan princes who rescued the slave girl were Yan Xun and Yuwen Yue.

A slave girl is taken inside Yuwen Manor. She decides to flee with her younger sisters after seeing the power battle. She is unhappily discovered by Prince Yuwen Yue.

She is made to go through rigorous training. She also becomes friends with prince Yan Xun in the meantime. Prince Yan Xun, however, regrettably loses all to the Western Wei nobility.

Because of his disappointment, prince Yan Xun has become a vile individual. He occasionally takes advantage of Chi Qiao’s devotion. Chi Qiao departs from prince Yan Xun out of disappointment at this transformation and mistrust. In an effort to stop prince Yan Xun’s retaliation plan, she teams up with prince Yuwen Yue.


Season 2 Trailer for “Princess Agents”

“Princess Agents,” a Chinese drama series, is produced and directed by Wu Jinyuan. The TV show produced 67 episodes of the TV series and 58 chapters of the Uncut edition.

Fans of the “Princess Agents” programme eagerly anticipate a second season. It might take some more time for this Chinese television programme to get a second season renewal. Therefore, there won’t be a Season 2 trailer for “Princess Agents” anytime soon.




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