Overlord Season 4 Episode 10 Review

Overlord Season 4 Episode 10 Review

Will the tenth episode of Overlord Season 4 eventually pull this show out of its rut and advance the story? Check out this review to find out!

Overview of Episode 10 of Season 4 of Overlord

With the release of Overlord Season 4, the original, excellent MMO-based isekai anime has returned for a fourth season. Studio Madhouse, which has produced all of the show’s prior seasons along with other immensely successful shows like Death Note, One Punch Man, and Sonny Boy, is once again behind the production of the next season. Other names for this new season include Overlord 4 and Overlord IV.

This episode’s director is Naoyuki Itou once more. Along with several other well-known shows like Chihayafuru and Kanon, he is credited with creating all of the initial seasons of the latter two. The light novel by Kugane Maruyama and the illustrations by “so-bin” served as the inspiration for Overlord. Overlord 4 Episode 10 and Overlord IV Episode 10 are alternate names for this episode. To read the review of the season’s first episode, click here!

Pain and Suffering: Overlord Season 4 Episode 10 Review

I think it is time to stop being so harshly critical of this programme in my previous reviews and talk about something good that happened in the most recent episode. To do that, though, we must add a disclaimer: just because something positive occurred in this episode, it does not necessarily mean that the episode as a whole, which I considered to be pretty slow and strangely paced once more, was a success. But let’s speak about the good things for a change since that’s what we’re here to accomplish.

Zanac and his sister, who represent the Kingdom’s royalty, were first featured in this series quite some time ago and have since exceeded all expectations. The princess was incredibly crafty and concealed a darker side that only her brother seemed to be aware of. It was a novel approach to a royal in a fantasy show because her brother Zanac, despite appearing to be your typical NEET, had quite the head on his shoulders and was extremely adept at leading a nation. Once again, the royals weren’t just self-centered fools who only had concern for themselves.

Before Ainz launched his most recent campaign, which had the Kingdom squarely in its sights and was intended to level it, they were largely idle for a spell. It was unnecessary, brutal, and not what anyone would anticipate from Ainz, who has thus far been represented as being rather compassionate. As a result, the previous several episodes appeared a touch strange because we were unsure of Ainz’s motivations for killing so many people and going back on his word to his own subordinates. We now know more than we did, but whether or not they make sense depends on the individual.

In this episode, Zanac and Ainz had a fantastic chat that revealed a lot about both of their characters. Watching this exchange, it’s impossible to leave without respecting at least one, if not both, of them. The show had been battling for a long to leave viewers with a positive impression of the episode, but what happened next was the most unexpected and successful thing it had done in a while.

Let’s talk about some of the negative aspects of this episode now that we’ve finished with the good. One reason is that the entire plot with the adamantite adventurers meeting and attempting to form a team seems futile because Ainz and his army are almost certain to destroy them. If all of these new characters are eventually going to die, what use is it to learn about them? Additionally, this episode included a lot of material dumping, which slowed down the flow. Even so, at least this time, there was more good than bad.