Off the Grid – Official Concept Art Trailer 2022

Off the Grid – Official Concept Art Trailer 2022

Update: As noted by Eurogamer, Off The Grid apparently uses NFTs, with a blockchain marketplace handling the tradeable in-game goods. a different kind of dystopia in the future of technology than what is seen in the trailer…

Original Article Off the Grid – Official Concept Art Trailer 2022

Off The Grid, the first item created by District 9 director Neill Blomkamp’s collaboration with Gunzilla Games, was unveiled earlier this year. By way of an in-engine cinematic directed by Blomkamp, a new movie published today provides a lengthier look at the location and an impression of what the cyberpunk war royale may be like to play. Look at it below.

The aforementioned film is the first of an eight-part series dubbed Off The Grid Cinema by Gunzilla Games. The tale of the characters introduced in the aforementioned video will be continued in each of the parts, which will be directed by Blomkamp; however, you won’t be playing those characters in the final game. Instead, it serves as a piece of worldbuilding that establishes the cyberpunk milieu and the robotics and weaponry that can be found there.

Off The Grid

Off The Grid is set on an unnamed Pacific Ocean island called Teardrop, where a space elevator has been constructed to allow humanity access to the resources we’ve used to develop cutting-edge AI and robotic implants. Not just Blomkamp’s name is recognizable; author Richard K.

Also involved is Morgan, the author of Crysis and Altered Carbon. Having cybernetic implants on a Pacific island does have a Crysis-like vibe to it.
When it is released, the game will have both single-player and multiplayer modes, both of which use the same terrain. As previously mentioned, multiplayer has a battle royale mode where 150 players can participate. On its official website, Gunzilla lists a few further details and a 2023 release date for the game.

Even though Blomkamp is the “Chief Visionary Officer” of Gunilla, this is not the first game-related activity he has undertaken. He has directed promos for games like Anthem and was once attached to helm a Halo movie.