Monster Series : The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Review

With a fictionalized 10-part limited series titled Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Netflix is the most recent to tackle his tale.

From the perspective of his victims, the show retells the tale of the notorious killer who killed 17 young men between 1978 and 1991.

The program, which debuted on Wednesday, currently has a Rotten Tomatoes fresh audience score of 90% and an 8.6 rating on IMDb.

Who plays what role?

While Niecy Nash portrays Glenda Cleveland, his neighbor who first noticed Dahmer’s suspicious behavior and reported it to the police, Evan Peters plays Dahmer in the film.

Dahmer’s parents, Lionel and Shari, are portrayed by Richard Jenkins and Molly Ringwald. Shari is Dahmer’s stepmother and Lionel’s second wife.

Michael Learned portrays Catherine, Dahmer’s grandmother, whose home he frequently lured his victims to, while Penelope Ann Miller plays Joyce, Dahmer’s mother, who he lived with starting in 1981.

Shaun J. Brown plays Tracy Edwards, a survivor of Dahmer’s victims; Scott Michael Morgan plays John Balcerzak; and Matthew Alan plays Joseph Gabrish, another officer.

Is “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” fairly accurate?

Despite being fictionalized, the series portrays Dahmer and his crimes with a fair amount of accuracy.Some of the incidents are consistent with those in the documentary The Jeffrey Dahmer Files; for instance, one former neighbour confirmed she believes she may have once “eaten someone’s body part.”

It also portrays his neighbor Cleveland, who appears to have tried to call the police to report his shady behaviour but was ignored, accurately.

The remainder of the programme focuses on Dahmer’s victims, starting with hitchhiker Steven Mark Hicks in 1978 and ending with Tracy Edwards, who managed to flee from Dahmer in 1991 and helped the police track him down.

It also discusses his conviction, in which he was found guilty without the possibility of parole, and his subsequent death in prison in 1994 after being assaulted by another prisoner.

What do users on social media say?

People have used Twitter to express their opinions about the program. Regardless of how Dahmer was portrayed, some have cautioned against romanticizing him while others have praised Peters for his performance.

Another person expressed surprise at learning about Cleveland and how important of a role she played in the narrative. “Another black woman’s cries were ignored. Disgraceful. 2010 saw her passing. RIP.”

Some people wonder how many more movies or documentaries about Dahmer are necessary. A user tweeted, “I think we have more than enough docs/movies about Jeffrey Dahmer.”
Others described how they watched the entire 10-part series in a single day while binge-watching it.