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How much are animators paid in USA

Professional computer artists known as animators produce works that can be seen in movies, video games, or mobile apps. Their work can include creating 3D models for use on a company website or creating movies with intricate special effects. This visual sector may appeal to you if you have artistic talent and don’t mind using technology to make your fantasies come to reality.

Even though most animators work for themselves, you can set a schedule that fits for your family and find employment in a niche industry you’re interested in, like movie animation. If you take on freelance animation jobs, you may set your own rate, and as your career develops and your demo grows, your pay may increase in value.


How much are animators paid in USA?

As of May 2019, the median wage for animators was $75,270, meaning that 50% of them made less than this and 50% made more. Animators in the bottom 10% earn less than $40,250 year, and those in the top 10% earn more than $139,940.

The average yearly salary for animators working in the film sector is $75,630, while that of those employed by firms that build computer systems is somewhat lower at $73,800.


What job does an animator do?

Animators use their imagination and artistic talents to create realism in 3D or 2D animations for a range of uses, sometimes drawing by hand and sometimes using computer tools. You may work on special effects for a TV show, develop characters for a film, or build the backdrop for a mobile application as an animator.

Using storyboards to plan your animations, speaking with designers and clients to clarify work, using 3D modelling tools to create your animations, and making any modifications your coworkers or clients advise are all possible parts of your workflow. Being an animator requires both technical expertise and artistic talent, the ability to meet deadlines, and time management skills.


What Education is needed to become an Animator?

Those who want to become animators typically acquire an undergraduate degree in art or animation, with courses emphasising film, sketching, and computer software. You can locate specialised bachelor’s degree programmes if you’re passionate about creating animations for movies or video games.

You’ll build a few during your studies and normally add your projects to them because a portfolio is an essential tool for showcasing your animation abilities. Some tools utilised in the workplace, such prototype software, 3D modelling, and drawing, may necessitate additional self-study.


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Although animators frequently work alone to finish jobs, they frequently need to collaborate with others on larger projects, such movies. Animators frequently work for themselves, which may enable them to work remotely and have a flexible schedule as a freelancer.

Other animators hold full-time office positions in the film, computer software, and advertising industries. Whether you’re self-employed or employed in a traditional office setting, you might need to put in extra time to fulfil deadlines and keep clients happy.


Animator Salary Per Year 

Animator Salary Per Year in USA

In order to earn more money, you can master new technologies, charge more as a freelancer, hone a particular style of animation, or advance to a senior animator or producer position. These March 2019 salary figures demonstrate how your earnings might increase as a result of your experience working in animation:

  • $30,307 to $72,395 at entry level
  • $37,365 to $88,059 at mid-career
  • $40,695 to $107,027 for professionals


Animator Salary Per Year in Europe

The average annual salary for an entry-level animator with less than one year of experience is £20,558 (including bonus, tips, and overtime pay). The average annual salary for an animator in their first five years of work is £23,796. An animator in the middle of their career with five to ten years of experience earns an average annual salary of £28,491.

The average annual salary of an experienced animator with between 10 and 20 years of experience is £28,000. The average salary for workers in their late careers (20+ years) is £30,500.


Animator Salary Per Year  in Asia

The average annual salary for an entry-level animator with less than one year of experience is S$26,400 (including bonuses, tips, and overtime pay) (Singapore). An early career animator makes an average total salary of S$36,000 with 1 to 5 years of experience.

An animator in mid-career with five to ten years of experience receives an average annual salary of S$56,000.


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