Everything Calls for Salvation Release Date Announcement

Everything Calls for Salvation Release Date Announcement

With new Italian episodes joining Turkish and Korean dramas on Netflix With new Italian episodes joining Turkish and Korean dramas on Netflix, the streaming service is eager to expand. The most recent of a number of Italian shows launched by Netflix is Everything Calls for Salvation. Daniele, played by Federico Cesari and directed by Francesco Bruni, ends up undergoing seven-day mandatory health treatment, but does it mean he is insane?

Everything Calls for Salvation

Everything Calls for Salvation Story

The program takes us on a trip with Daniele, who awakens to discover himself in a psychiatric ward’s dormitory. He is a highly sensitive man in his 20s who enters the ward after experiencing a psychotic episode. Daniele spends his days surrounded by nurses who appear uninterested and doctors who want to know what is wrong with him, along with five strange roommates with whom he believes he has nothing in common. These seven days, which initially seem interminable and endless, wind up being the most intensive and formative of his life.

The show aims to highlight the vulnerability of the nation’s psychologically fragile youngsters, who continue to live in discomfort despite their sad cries for assistance going unanswered. The experiences of Daniele during her required medical treatment serve as a means by which Everything Calls for Salvation strives to illustrate this frailty.

Daniele Mencarelli’s book

The play is partially based on Daniele Mencarelli’s book of the same name, which highlights a widespread issue. The scenario abruptly changes as Daniele awakens in the psychiatric unit in the teaser, which initially depicts him at a party scene. He is terrified and tries to escape the ties that are keeping him bound to his bed as his roommates make fun of him.

The nurse responds to Daniele’s inquiry about where he is by stating that they are on vacation and that this particular resort is unique. a resort with unique regulations, such as no wandering. The teaser closes with Daniele trying to comprehend the circumstances while she feels alarmed and shocked.

Everything Calls for Salvation Teaser Video

This video was posted by Netflix on its Youtube account, and viewers are intrigued by its original storyline, which addresses the real issues facing today’s youngsters. We hope that the release date will be revealed shortly because we are eagerly anticipating the show.

Check out the Everything Calls for Salvation Teaser

As of now we only know that Everything Calls for Salvation is set to release in October 2022, on Netflix.