Status Report on Nauvoo University.

The effort to establish an academic institution in Nauvoo is being discontinued indefinitely.  This effort was initially called “Nauvoo University” and later called the “Nauvoo Study Program”.  It operated for one year.  It was not affiliated with, nor supported by, the LDS Church.  Those involved in the effort, both faculty and students, saw some very positive things come out of the effort.  The students made academic progress, established friendships, and learned about Nauvoo.  The effort also provided a small stimulus for the Nauvoo economy.

However, some critical needs did not materialize. No significant donations were made to jump-start the effort.  The number of students who decided to come was small.  There were only 18 full-time students during this first year of operation.  The anticipated flow of retired professors to Nauvoo did not occur.  In addition to some who were already in Nauvoo, there were only three couples who came to assist the University.  We were also still in process of obtaining state approval and accreditation.

We thank all those who assisted in this effort.  We received help, e-mails, calls, and letters of support from many people.  Our deepest gratitude goes to those pioneering students who came and did so much to make the first year a success.  Seven of our students are still here in Nauvoo and have formed a student-led effort to continue some type of academic undertaking here.  They can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Our hope is that at some point this effort might be revived and yet be successful.  We hope that we have laid some groundwork and not jeopardized future endeavors.  

Evan Ivie



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